Turku – Home of the best players in the world!


Roni in interview
Roni Nuttunen interviewed for Russian tv station after winning Moscow Cup 2007.

Thank you for your interest in Table Hockey World Championships 2011.

We wish to provide you as good information on our sport as possible. From this website you will find information about the World Championships in general. More about the sport can be found from national association webpages and from the International Table Hockey Federation's site. (see: links)


During the tournament we request that you do not approach players while they are in middle of game series. For interview requests please contact tournament staff and we will arrange the interview for you.

Press photos

Photos can be downloaded from photo library. Photos are free for editorial use.

Photography guidelines

Flash photography is prohibited during games.

When taking photos please do not move too close to the table. Approximately 2 meters is a safe distance. Avoid unnecessary movement along the tables as it may distract players.

More information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Puhelinkyselyihin MM-kisoihin liittyen vastaa Timo Toivonen (040-5071591).

Lyhyen johdatuksen pöytäjääkiekon saloihin saa Suomen pöytäjääkiekkoliiton tiivistelmästä Lyhyt johdatus pöytäjääkiekkoiluun. Lisäksi voi katsoa Sampsa Räsäsen Pöytäjääkiekon kikkakoulun.