Turku – Home of the best players in the world!


The banquet will be held on Sunday after the tournament and open series prize ceremony. It will be held in the restaurant Amarillo from 21.00-23.00. After banquet our evening continues in Turku nightlife.

The event will be held in Restaurant Amarillo. There will be transportation from tournament venue to Amarillo.

There will be a salad buffet, cream potoatoes, sausages and chicken drumsticks. Drinks are not included.

Price for the banquet is 10 euros.

BUT! We need to confirm number of participants for the event.

So please tell us by Wednesday evening how many players from your nation are going to participate in the banquet.

If we do not hear from you, we cannot gurantee you a place at Amarillo.

Please reply to mm2011@poytajaakiekko.net.